To day 1/1/2019 new year —getting wishes from oshukai Okinawa shorinryu karate President lion MTR Nagaraj by Renshi SUDAKAR  G. Sec oshukai India and VP Suresh and instructor kumarasan coach KAI, Ezill, kishore. S. ,Elumalai





Jan1/2019 New year we get wishes from KAI President MrkarateR. Thiyagarajan sensei sudakar and sensei Kishore


oshukai-20171224-232509768.jpgNew Year2018 wishes to our oshukai Okinawa shorinryu karate President lionMTR Nagaraj IMAG3609IMAG3603IMAG3613IMG-20171221-WA0023Karate is an unforgettable experience in my life. It gave me an insight and belief in fate as events started happening both in the positive & negative aspects of my life. My path towards karate changed because of the sudden demise of my brother Dinakaran who was the ardent student of sensei. Moses Tilak, Shitoryu. I had to continue the work left by my brother with advice of Mr. Haribabu with his resourcefulness and skills of mine. To light up my aspirations towards karate came our teacher Mr. Kothandan.

As the saying goes” things fall in place if the timing of events are correct” was proved by shri R Ratnam Managing Director TVS & Sons whose benevolent mind helped in bringing many exponents of the martial art from various countries to INDIA. There after the motherly affection & guidance of Ms. Leela Ratnam gave me the confidence to continue my efforts which in very difficult to express in brief.

I wanted to recall some of the important moments of my life in karate in which she played the pivotal role. I had an invitation from my master Kenyu Chinen to attend a seminar in France. I showed Srimathi Leela Ratnam and she was very happy and felt as if she had the invitation personally & encouraged me to attend the seminar in France, the act of which only she can do and no one else can match.

My trip to France and other Foreign Counters like Japan entirely goes to the credit of Srimathi Leela Ratnam. Today I and my students are living in the prestigious Oshukai International and the entire credit goes to Srimathi Leela Ratnam who had made this possible. Further we wish to continue our Endeavour of running our OSHU KAI INTERNATIONAL OKINAWA SHORIN RYU KARATEDO KOUBDO ASSOCIATION OF INDIA with the support of President Thiru Govindachari with the blessing of Srimathi Leela Ratnam and with the guidance of my Friend Renshi Alexandar Poland and with the assistance of my Master Kenyu Chinen. Our karate association is successfully continuing in its eighteenth year of operation under the Guidance & President of LION MR MTR NAGARAJ and I wish to continue the good effort with the patronage of the above said honourable dignitariesóIMG-20171221-WA0025IMG-20171221-WA0024


oshuka indiai seminar 2019 chennai


Stage at Coimbatore sensei kevin

IMG_7506IMG-20171003-WA0000Coimbatore oshukai seminar completed .oshukai Okinawa shorinryu karate memento -sensei kevin given to sensei chinen behalf of sensei sudakar2017-10-08-20171009-210503738Seminar at Coimbatore senseisudakar and sensei KevinIMG_7508IMG-20171007-WA0155IMG-20171004-WA0106IMG_7505.JPGIMAG3424

pleasent movements kishore marriage

team from Tamilnadu for tkci champion ship in Delhi October 11 to 16

Dr.Chella kumar, Puzhal kubendiran, and Renshi sudakar in his home

sensei sudakar in Parthasarthy memorial trust function